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Should Women Be Soldiers
God intends men and women to have different roles in the Church, the family, and society. Men are meant to have roles of teaching, leadership, and authority over other men and over groups that include men, women, and children. Women may have authority over other women and over children. Men are intended by God, when necessary due to the sinfulness and violence in this world, to be soldiers who defend their nation and who defend what is good against what is evil. In a society that is well-ordered according to God's will, there would be no women soldiers.

Now God called Joan of Arc to a role in the military, even to lead the men of the army of France. But He did so as an exception, because of the disorder in a sinful world. Such is the case also with Deborah. She was leader in order to put to shame the men who were not taking their proper roles. So also, this may be the case with you and some other women in the military. In a society in perfect order according to God's will, there would not be women in the military. Because of the disorder in society, women are permitted by God to enter military service as this improves an otherwise worse situation. But it is not the best situation either. I believe that some women are called, and others are permitted, by God to enter military service. But only because, in a disorderly society, it improves an otherwise worse situation.

written by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
in response to questions and objections from a Catholic woman serving with distinction in the U.S. Army Reserves

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