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Roman Catholic Theology and Biblical Studies

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The Roman Catholic Church and Salvation

  1. All little children go to Heaven -- On the salvation of infants who die without baptism, and the idea of a limbo of children in Hell.
  2. The Baptisms of Jesus and Mary
  3. Saint Joseph Never Sinned
  4. Catholic Teaching: Mystical Baptism and Limbo
  5. Implicit Repentance
  6. Can a Pope Ever Be a Heretic?
  7. The Heresy of Magisteriumism
  8. Who Goes To Heaven And Who Goes To Hell?

  9. Why Girls Should Not Be Altar Servers
  10. On Restricting the Eucharist to the Faithful
  11. Men and Women in Christ
  12. Proper Roles and Behavior for Catholic Men
  13. Proper Roles and Behavior for Catholic Women
  14. the Promise of Faith and Obedience
  15. A Conservative Catholic Point of View
  16. A True Catholic College
  17. Liturgical Errors
  18. The Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary
  19. Married Priests
  20. Ordination of Women
  21. Commentary on the Exclusion of Homosexuals from Ordination
  22. Lambs without Blemish
  23. 10 Reasons why homosexuals should not be Priests
  24. Catholic Theological Problems
  25. Stewardship is not Time, Talent, Treasure
  26. Changes Needed in "Universi Dominici Gregis"
  27. The Election of the Next Pope after John Paul II
  28. John Duns Scotus, Saint and Doctor of the Church?

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