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The Secrets of La Salette: Maximin's secret

This entire text of these secrets was translated by Ronald L. Conte Jr. for his book, The Bible and the Future of the World, first edition published in 1998. The translation, notes, and commentary are copyright 1998. All rights reserved.

The text, in English, of the secret given by the Virgin Mary to Maximin Giraud at La Salette, France in September of 1846.

1. ‘Three fourths of France will lose the faith, and the fourth part, which will retain it, will practice it lukewarmly.’

2. ‘Peace will be given to the world only when men will be converted.’

3. ‘A protestant nation from the north will convert to the faith and, by means of this nation, the other nations will return to the faith.’

4. ‘The pope who will come after this one will not be roman.’

5. ‘And when men will convert, God will restore peace to the world.’

6. ‘Afterwards this peace will be disturbed by the monster.’

7. ‘And the monster will arrive at the end of the nineteenth century or at the latest at the commencement of the twentieth.’

8. ‘In this time the Antichrist will be born of a nun of Hebraic descent, a false Virgin, who will have communication with the ancient serpent, with the master of impurity and putrefaction. His father will be a Bishop. He will perform false miracles and subsist only on vitiating faith. He will have his brethren, who will be children of evil but not incarnate devils like himself. Soon they will be at the head of armies, supported by the legions of hell.’

9. ‘Up, ye children of light, and fight! For behold, the age of ages, the end, the extremity is at hand! The Church passes into darkness. The world will be in a state of consternation, perplexity and confusion.’

10. On Henoch and Elias: ‘They will suddenly appear on earth full of the spirit of God, when the Church becomes darkened and the world in terrible agony. They will convert those of good will and comfort the oppressed Christians. With the help of the Holy Spirit, they will have great success against the heresies of the Antichrist. But in the end they will be delivered unto death.’

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