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Out of Despair  
(a post-abortion poem)

They had to pull us apart,
but they could never
pull you out of my heart.

They could part flesh
but they could not part love.
Now you fly free like a feather
falling from the wing of a dove.

The grief was almost
too much to bear.
Now I am healing,
coming out of despair.

My child you will always be,
throughout all eternity.
No man can ever take that
away from me.

Our spirits connected
beyond time and space.
No surgeon's knife could sever
our cosmic embrace.

You are in heaven,
my angel, my guide
ever present at my side.

A heavenly reunion
awaits us now;
because with God
all things are possible
that's how.

thoughts conceived and captured on Saturday Feb. 23, 2002

by Carol A. Foster

Her comments about the poem:  This is a poem i wrote about my literal, forced abortion. i have suffered tremendously from this horrible experience. i was forced to abort by my parents and the father of the baby. i did not receive adequate counseling or any ultrasound that they promise nowadays. it has been 13 years. i have not had post-abortion counseling until about a year and a half ago. sadly most counselors are not trained to handle this type of tragedy. the most common responses i get which i absolutely hate is "get over it" or "move on" or "get on with your life" or "that was in the past" all these comments make me sick! if it were that easy i would have. the worst thing that has tortured me psychologically besides, does my baby hate me? is the fact that all those responsible for forcing me into it never ever talk about it with me. it is a taboo subject. and their denial or treating the whole thing as if it never happened really makes me angry and it has slowed my healing process.i have also suffered from depression so severe that i need daily medication for it. i have often had suicidal thoughts too. so here is my poem. i call it POST ABORTION STRESS SYNDROME/PEACE-ACCEPTANCE-SERENITY-SOLACE.

Copyright 2002 by Carol A. Foster

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