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Baby Booties  
(a prolife poem)

Baby booties, marching on
The sins of a nation, oh so strong
Why didn't we vote for right over wrong?

Baby booties, pink and blue
Crying out to me and you
Begging us to chose life
Unconditional love instead of strife!

Baby booties, asking us to change
our hearts and minds
Telling us it is not too late
to turn back the hands of time!

Baby booties, encouraging our repentance
Calling us to God's forgiveness
But, we must overturn their death sentence!

Baby booties, waiting to be filled
(not abandoned, forsaken, or killed!)
with the love and joy
of a precious, little girl,
or a bouncing, baby boy!

Thoughts conceived and captured by:
Carol A. Foster
on Father's Day Sunday June 16, 2002

Her comments about the poem:  My eldest daughter and i have made craft-type baby booties and put bible verses in them and brought them to the crisis pregnancy center in our area to give to moms-to-be. so i wrote this poem to accompany them (oddly enough on father's day of this year).

Copyright 2002 by Carol A. Foster

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