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God Creates All Life

ProLife Stories: birth

True stories from women who were pressured to have an abortion and yet chose life.

15. I was the one who was going to be aborted by my biological mother....

14. Our story of choosing life after a fatal prenatal diagnosis

13. I'm 17 years old in the 11th grade....

12. I am a 17 year old girl and I have a 7 month old baby boy....

11. I felt so bonded to my baby from the minute I discovered I was pregnant.

10. she decided not to be treated for the cancer, so that the child would have a chance at life

9. when I first got pregnant and abortion was my first thought....

8. I was just over 19, and had been seeing a guy for almost a year when I got pregnant.

7. One of my best friends is 15 years old and has just had her second child.

6. It was only when a doctor came in and did an ultrasound scan on me that I made up my mind not to abort the baby.

5. She told my parents and of course the pressure started. Everyone that i talked to wanted me to have an abortion.

4. This is actually not my story, but my sister's story....

3. I was only 15 years old when I realised i was pregnant....

2. I was broke, friendless, homeless, and physically unsuited for childbirth and a happier ending doesn't exist than this I feel, I am a rich woman!

1. I desperately attempted to hang onto my faith, my innermost beliefs, and my God.

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