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Stories About Life 3

I was only 15 years old when I realised i was pregnant. I love babies, but I forced myself not to accept them and seeked abortion as my only solution. I did not let my parents know as i know certainly they would be dissapointed in me.

But things change when I went for the ultrasound scan at the clinic. A special feeling overcome me as i saw the little child on the screen. I suddenly have a urge to see it born. The doctor gave me the picture of the scan and I always looked at it thinking how my baby would look like. At this point, all my thoughts about abortion was completely out of my mind. I started to care for the child in me and worry for it.

I was very afraid that my baby would die before I had the chance to give birth to it. My boyfriend told my parents later, my parents did not kill me, they prepared me for the later part and I am now waiting for my child to be held in my arms.

-- story submitted anonymously

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