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Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Roman Catholic lay theologian and Bible translator

At the present time, I will only consider answering questions pertaining to my theology writings. I will not answer general questions on theology or Catholicism, nor questions on other author's works. There is no guarantee that any question will be answered. Any e-mail responses from me may not be published without my prior written consent.

When sending e-mail, please address me as Ron or Ron Conte or Mr. Conte. Please include your first and last name, and your city and state (or city and nation, if outside the U.S.). E-mails from persons who do not identify themselves will not receive a response. Persons who send e-mails with uncharitable comments will be placed on my blocked senders list. Do not add this e-mail address to any type of mailing list.

My theological opinions are fallible, but they are not without a firm basis in Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium. Please do not contact me to inform me that I must be mistaken on some point of theology merely because you have a different opinion.

I change my email address from time to time to avoid various types of unwelcome email messages. Please do not contact me by phone. I do not give interviews or talks of any kind. If you would like to support my work financially, you may purchase some of my theology books.

Catholic Planet no longer accepts submissions of articles, poetry, or music to the site. Catholic Planet does not do music or book reviews. Please do not send e-mails about newly published books or albums.

Ronald L. Conte Jr. (Ron Conte) is a Roman Catholic lay theologian and Bible translator. My books and articles on Roman Catholic theology are available at I write Catholic theology on topics which include: the Trinity, the Virgin Mary, Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, the Magisterium, salvation, ethics, eschatology, and Biblical chronology.

I am the sole translator and editor of the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible, available at
See this summary of my work, and my blog, and my online discussion group for more information.

You can read my answers to many common questions in the online forum:  CatholicPlanet.Net

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