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New Christian Poetry

Poetry for God:

Ronald L Conte Jr:  a hard ground to till | beside the sea | clambake | Even Now | If you love me | Last Summer | now and then | our star watching | paper dreams | pearls of diseased spirit | “Technology Saves” | 'tis mine | tomorrow | true stories | unfinished world | unleavened bread | upon the border | Would that I could sleep in the shadow of hope

Kate Watkins Furman:  The Holy Catholic Church

Francine Bregio:  How grand it can be

Jessie Kirchner:  In Worship, A Sestina | Thirty Shekels' Worth

Diane Allen:  A Prayer for Humility

Amber Hilsman:  I love you!!

Bunmi Osho-Davies:  Prayer at Meal | Back Home

Victor P. Gendrano:  Lenten Thoughts | The Presence of God | Materialism | Sin No More | A White Rose

Michael Taras Letnaunchyn:  Untitled | A Journey We All Must Make | If Together We Stand | Hatred and Anger | A Mortal Man

Albert Cipriani:  Dress Rehearsals for Our Time in Purgatory | Portrait of a Priest as a Young Boy | Wholesale Loss | Jack and the Giant

W. H. Smaw :  Exodus Revisited | Advent

Rebekah Hart:  A Prayer for Perseverence | Long-Awaited Comfort

Dennis Di Mauro:  Peter's Song

Lorraine Sautner:  Sola Fide | Outpouring | Sanctum Sanctorum | The Prayer | A Sock's Lament | In the World, Not of It

Jillian McVicar:  Bedside Prayers | Wishes for You

Dorothy E. Wimsatt:  The Church | Elizabeth's Story | I Am Bread

James Sturch:  A Poem for Celeste

Tal Crawford:  Hell and Heaven

Karen Kelly Boyce:  Too Much Good

Oppong-Febiri Thomas:  A voice from the window | Love | Your Birthday | Peace

Stephen Wentworth Arndt, Ph.D., Advent and Christmas poems:  Annunciation | Incarnation | Shepherds | Epiphany | Flight | Presentation

Deborah P. Kolodji:  Ubi Caritas | Advent Wreath | Advent | Remodeling | Hug | Neonatal ICU | Wednesday Resolve | After Confession | Palm Sunday Blessing | Friday Night Stations | Easter Sunrise | Saved

Eddie McMillan:  God Fell Out My Cornflake's Box | Saint Vincent's Day

Heather Lynn Roberts:  The Spouse | Divine Union | The Housewife Prayer

Exodus Poems by Doug Tanoury:  The Moses Soliloquy | A Slaves Life | Blue & Purple & Scarlet Stuff | Burnt Offering | Cherubim Skillfully Worked | Favor In My Sight | Up on Sinai | Molten Calf | The Finger Of God | The Pharaoh of My Past | The Red Sea Between Us

Doug Tanoury:  The Wedding Poem | Like the Birds | Promise | Sunday Morning | Latin Hymns |

Carol A. Foster:  Out of Despair (a post-abortion poem)

robert myers:  an open door | God | what love is this | as Creation loves the Creator | testament ]

Sandra Lamb:  Shroud of Turin | Let Me Not Be Afraid

Stephen Wentworth Arndt, Ph.D.:  Supper | Gethsemane | Betrayal | Denial | Ironies | Wounds | Surrender | Tomb | Doubt | Ascension | Christ

Hennie Reuvers:  The vicar of Ars   (a poem about Jean-Baptiste Marie Vianney, a humble parish priest)

Kenneth Flaherty:  Suspended | By Your Breath (MP3 music file) | Jesus Takes The "A" Train | Silent Whispers | Between A Rock And A Far Place

Denis Garrison:  Confessio | Soliloquy | Eden

Flor O. Santos:  A Heart That Understands

Terence Toolan:  Crossroads | Abba Father | Belief | Untitled | Guide Me Lord

Janice Jentzsch:  Love | Kitchen Haikus | Astronomer's Psalm | Mighty God | It is Hard

James Morris:  Homage To Larkin | Two Pillars of the Church

Stephen Hand:  Nine - Eleven

Frances Killen:  Be Hid In ME | In Secret | His Holy Face | Adoration

Clinton R. LeFort:  Faith | Consuming Love

Nicole Walawender:  Prodigal

Mary Jane Keppler:  If... | A Tribute | Wondering

Angelic Kiss:  An Innocent Tear | An Angel Kiss | A Prayer In Heaven | Faith

Michael G. Spence:  Your Love

Laura S.:  hope | No More Sacrifice

christopherjeromelouis funk:  Wednesday's Ash

Sr. Kathleen Nealon, CSR:  True Transformation | Garden of Hope | Barnacle | Broken | Private Property

Stephen Wentworth Arndt, Ph.D.:  Carry Each Other's Burdens | Rejoice in Hope | Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice | Owe No Debt To Anyone | Accept Each Other | If One Member Suffers | Earthen Vessels | Forgive As The Lord Has Forgiven You | Be An Example To Believers | Keep Yourself Pure

Mark Edwards:  Seeking the Holy Spirit | Stretch

Jessica Metzger:  Importance of Faith | What Did He Die For | Heaven and Hell | My Lenten Prayer

mark macdonald:  A Deaf Ear Warned | All i Have | Awash in a Dream | Colors of Love | Father and son | Golden Boy | Kingdom in the late Afternoon | Mark 10:48 | Matthew 5:6 | My Brother, My Heart | My Rights | Psalm 46 | Simply | Sojourn in the Dust | The Tortured, Fettered Bird

Michael Levy:  The Writer's Prayer

Phyllis S. Burroughs:  Searching | How Could You Love Me That Much | Is It I Lord?

Lisa Piepmeier:  Life in Him | Quiet Times With Him | Thoughts of Him | A Tale For The Living | The Richest Kind | The Plan

Classic Poetry:
John Donne:  Upon the Annunciation and Passion Falling Upon One Day

Edna St. Vincent Millay:  The Blue-Flag in the Bog | Renascence

New Lyrics to Old Hymns:
Were You There? | Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

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