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Christian Poetry

Last Summer
We are still very tired, we are still very merry,
as we wait upon our friends, and we listen for the ferry.
We are soaked through and through, and we can't find our shoes,
yet we run back and forth in the endless rain

Well, we all quit our jobs, and we forgot to call home,
still we're having so much fun, that it's better that way.
And we found out who we are, and we're not what we thought,
but we couldn't care less, 'cause we like it that way.

We eat what we're served, and we sleep in our clothes,
but we're hardly ever alone and we're hardly ever sad.
And we haven't any money, and we haven't any need,
'cause most things we use are free, and we beg for what we need.

We've heard stories about “days off,” and tales of “R and R,”
but we don't believe a word, 'cause we don't know what that means.
Every day has nineteen hours, but the night has only five;
every day is but a frenzy, and the laundry never ends.

There's oatmeal in your hair, and there's bleach stains on my shirt
and there's sand all in our shoes, but we don't know where they are.
And we don't wear any gold, and we didn't bring our watches,
'cause watches tell the time, and we don't know what that means.

Our shins are black and blue, and we don't know how or why,
and our feet are cracked and calloused, 'cause we haven't seen our shoes.
When we finally get to sleep, the sun comes back again,
and the day goes on and on, and the dishes never end.

The wind can comb our hair, and the ocean wash our feet,
and there's sand all through our beds, and salt across our skin.
We wear each other's clothes, and we rub each others backs,
but we never wear our shoes, (we still don't know where they are).

Well, we laugh so very easy, and we gripe some now and then,
but we can't give all this up, 'cause we ain't found nothin' better.
And we're still full of joy, in the middle of the night,
and we can't quite recall, when the day first began.

Now we laugh and dance and sing, and do every foolish thing,
and we love every moment, in the neverending sun.
And we nap in the daytime, and we talk through the nighttime,
but when we sleep at the beach, we get thrown in the sea.

We do every task the hard way, 'cause we don't know what we're doin',
but we're having so much, that it's better that way.
And we talk and talk and talk, and we don't make too much sense,
but we found an instant friendship, on the day that we first met.

Well, we're so tired we can't stand straight, and so silly we can't think straight,
but our friends are all around us, and we like it that way.
And the food seems pretty good, 'cause we're so hungry we don't care,
and we still can't quite believe, how the laundry never ends.

Now the water glows around us, as we swim and splash at midnight,
and there's no one else around us, but we still can't find our clothes.
So we watch the newest stars, and we listen to the sea,
but if the world came to an end, we prob'ly wouldn't notice.

And we never said “good-night,” 'cause sleeping's such a waste.
And we never said “good-bye,” 'cause we couldn't stand the pain.
And we never said “i told you,” 'cause we don't know who was right.
And we never said “i love you,” 'cause we don't know what that means.

if we ever meet again, it would never be the same
so we'll never meet again, and i'll never be same
still we'll send each other letters…

- it'll never be the same.

by Ronald L Conte Jr

© Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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