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Christian Poetry

our star watching

down to water's edge we walk
to stand upon the chilly dock
to lie upon our backs and stare
at a million magic summer stars

well amused and lightly awed
we mark the colors of the stars
and name the one that shines the best
-that yellow one, we call it “ours”

she telling time within her head
without the aid of watch or clock
i speaking of the books i've read
we wander silly with our talk

and wonder if, at midnight's chime
exactly, we could somehow walk
across the water, where for a time
we would the laws of physics mock

and every night that stars would shine
down a steep hill to that place
together we would surely find
ourselves-a tired glow upon my face
a quiet peace upon her mind
forgetful of the long day's pace

but sadly when the dawn was nigh
and tiredness consumed our bones
and stars drew arcs across the sky
we'd pull each other up and groan
and take a sandy dark road by
a wood, and slowly shuffle home

but that was long ago and now
she neither writes nor visits me
i saw her recently and now
she's filled with flawed maturity

no longer able to tell time
with just her finely tunèd mind
she reminisced of colored stars
and sweet imaginary wine
and spoke about
untimely death
and friends of hers
i'd never met

we hugged and laughed that one last day
we gazed upon the Milky Way
and in a maze of identical stars
could not remember which was “ours”

i feared then i would never walk
upon the midnight water's frock
and so in daylight's glare i went
and sat alone at water's edge
to be by dark emotions swept
as silently i weighed the cost
and long and bitterly i wept
for all the loves i'd ever lost.

by Ronald L Conte Jr

© Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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