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Christian Poetry

pearls of diseased spirit

a poem about a poem

it's a nasty rotting poem
putrid with the smell of words
unfit for human ears
smelling of another world
dark and hidden place of sin
wherein one hides from life

listing closely to this poem
unlike the other poems
makes good sense
and the next does not
picket fence
around the mind's rot

do you doubt my words? I speak the truth
wisdom gleaned from ill-spent youth

within these verses you will find
a clean-white brand-new virgin fear
purchased from a corner store
never quite believed before

Freud has said it best
the truth cannot be made to stay
a solitary guest
it spills from out the inner mind
and lays upon the public way
for all who pass to find

your secret sacred inner thoughts
your quiet cunning graceful deeds
those dirty frozen dreams
the worst your life has offered you
the way your lust has altered you
your victims fresh-hewn screams

to know and choose an evil deed
and never to repent
the only everlasting sin
to Hell forever sent

and you won't want to know the rest
so block your ears
and shut your eyes
and calm your fears
and shut your mind
and maybe you'll forget --

this simple fragile human thought
of wisdom stole, of courage bought
how easily a person's life
can fray and fall apart

accept the truth
accept the truth
wherever it is found
my purpose here
my purpose now
to teach and to astound

hold all things lightly in your hands
remember what I tell you now
violence does in no way add
unto this sad and needful world

and it is not our place
mere weak and mortal human beings that we are
to punish
but only to correct

by Ronald L Conte Jr

Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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