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Christian Poetry

If you love me, tell me now,
I cannot wait till then

Next time, next month, next year, or wait another ten
(We used to plan our dreams so carefully)
Put off our hearts true deeds, until another then
(But for today to wait so silently)
Trust not our words to ought but ink and pen

it is - as fleeting as a simple blink,
and when
- our lives are gone
it is - without a second chance,
a simple end
- what's done is done

Waste no more of life's precious blood
planning to live your dreams another day

For this one moment love and sing and fast
for who knows which fine day will be our last
which words of wisdom can bring us back our past
“a way a lone a loved a long a last”

by Ronald L Conte Jr

© Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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