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Christian Poetry


saturday will find me soon
a hundred miles from work and home
waiting for the harvest moon
reaping what i have not sown

lying on a lonely beach
with a hundred hungry guests
friendship now within my reach
'midst the crippled and the blest

between the dune grass and the sea
below the bluff, across the stones
beyond the chocolate factory
fare at last my weary bones

there i'll dine on fish and lobster
chase someone into the surf
then dig up the clams and oysters
baking slow beneath the turf

and we'll play some silly game
no one wishing to keep score
and we'll raise our arms and shout
then i'll eat and drink some more

and i'll cover feet with sand
find a funny phrase to say
take a long lost friend by hand
reminisce of saneless days

and i'll lie beside the fire
with my best friend of the day
and i'll tell her that i love her
then she'll laugh and turn away

and we'll talk of little nothings
then we'll plot to rid the land
of the hugger-muggered misdeeds
which destroy the sweetest plans

ah, monocarpic coy september
turn your flowered face to me
may i brush a flower's tender
blossom grown and plucked for me?

sniff a sweet deceptive fragrance
gaze upon a passing bloom
then for sake of my remembrance
close it in a dim-lit room

ponder on the seven wonders
of this tiny wayworn isle
wonder at the starry night-sky
walk a sandy ocean mile
tell a friend a clever white-lie
just to see her wryly smile

red clay cliffs at island's head
covered by a dreamy fog
soon this place becomes my bed
and the waves will sing a song
which will sink deep in my head
and cover all my angst and woe
with the balmof Gilead

drop my cares in ocean's depth
dare my words another day
now to sleep and safe to rest
dare my words another day

by Ronald L Conte Jr

Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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