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Christian Poetry

“Technology Saves”

artificial new-solution
trusting in the deeds of men
who trust only their own - and then
thrust upon the rest of us
what they say is best for us
bringing, forcing many changes
to the objects which surround
men and women fleeing changes
in their souls - which sound
more than ever out of tune
crooning madly at the moon
separating notes from words
sounding more and more absurd
losing verses, no refrain
as the voices crack and strain
to new songs of dread and pain
as the world whirls down the drain

and we forget humanity
and we forgo humanity
and we pretend sincerity
as we indenture clarity
and thus dismantle charity
cowering in our new-bought autos
all the while plotting horrors
for our children and our mothers

losing truth, we claim religion
is just a matter of one's choosing
losing truth, we call it freedom
falling, falling ever further
perverting human dignity
with choices of sexuality
invented without a single thought
of marriage, spouses - and their lawyers
of respect for those involved
and those who stand to make big profits

who give as little as they can
and take as much as they deserve
and make a living and a killing
off the ashes and the pains - of we
who work for so-called standard wage - of we
who make do with the starting pay
not enough in any age
to not so sweetly make one's way
through this vain and useless world
to a better, better world
where such foolishness
such darkness
such lack of all things good and right
is unheard of
and is nearly forgot
except for we
who squirm in Hell
and rot

by Ronald L Conte Jr

© Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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