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Christian Poetry

beside the sea

i came to mend upon a shore
and mourn a fading city-dream
and find a shell not found before
beside a dimming ocean scene
beneath an unfamiliar sky
i feared the loss of days gone by

my life is empty, as before
my heart is weary, nothing more

and with me one who traveled far
to trust to me her hand
and late we saw the plainest stars
and, sinking in the sand
ignored the midnight meteors
and spoke the boldest plans

lost, two souls upon the sand
distant we, though hand-in-hand

that night came sudden and unsought
and put to shame my haste
and rearranged my cluttered thoughts
and dressed my doubts in lace
and told me tales i'd half forgot
and gave me back my face

and now we are lost in the story
and cannot notice the passing of time

that night renewed the self i lost
and soothed unspoken sorrow
taught well the need for emptiness
and leaving fields to fallow
put salt into my blandest soup
and sand into my hair
and brought me back to childhood's
unanalyzing stare

they say that life began beside the sea
anyone who's square with God is square with me

by Ronald L Conte Jr

Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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