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Christian Poetry

upon the border

i would i could live in those years upon the very border
between the daylight and the dark
within the stillness and the stark
unhappy crying world soon crushed into a new disorder
between the peace and world war three
before the dying day to be
at the beginning of the end of human history

the next new night-age falling fast
is making light of all woes past
rhyming-less reason-lost raging-est uncivilized-ation
is daying and dawning and rising and swanning
upon an earth full bloodly soaked already wars and crimes ago

oh God, from Thine own plan deliver me
but wait now! -not too soon, i wish to see
the resolution of the Play
the dissolution of To-day
the crack of Nevermore

i would i could command that angel of destruction
one sent to visit God's just wrath upon the earth
(how often punishment precedes unsought salvation
and lack of justice plays midwife to terror's birth)

i'd send destruction down upon:
    mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats
    liars and leeches and lawyers and vampire bats
    drug dealers, viruses, nuclear scientists
    robbers and termites and television evangelists
    self-important politicians, vile plague-infested vermin,
    insurance salesmen of the year, bugs that fly into your ear,
    unrepentant telemarketers
    tight-lipped nuns that whack your knuckles,
    cocaine addicts with babies a-suckle
    worms that live in cancers that fester,
    rapists, perverts and child-molesters
    killers killing one another
    tyrants torturing their brothers
    crocodiles that eat their young
all these and many more i'd fell
give them a dose of self-made hell
and turn their crimes upon their selves

but what of innocents and infants?
chaste and pure the children praying
caught amidst the maelstrom churning

are these to suffer with the rest?
purity put to insane test
in fires fueled by selfishness.

by Ronald L Conte Jr

Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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