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Christian Poetry

true stories

i could tell you stories,
oh, i could tell you stories
about the children i have known
the ones abused for years on end
the ones trapped in some hellish-home
who, if they now find some way out
remain in pain
though none can see
their agony of memory

stories of hallucinations
youthful clean machinations
of suicidal six-year olds
and homicidal eight-year olds
and teenage schizo-paraniods
with fearful wild imaginings
—delusions of their own inventing

sure, i could tell you stories,
true       stories
in horr-i-fy-ing de-tail

but then you'd lie awake at night
with bugs a-crawling in your heart
and ask the walls, “how could God fail?”
to keep the little children safe

and then you'd fear to dim the lights
you'd sleep in fitful restless starts
afraid to fall asleep at night
lest you fall into a part
in someone else's nightmare-play
—you'll long for night to fall away

and then you'll wake a-suddenly
with a tiny breathless scream
drenched in sweat of tortured dream

and know full-well your life has changed
you'll never ever be the same
for now the mark of hidden crime
is plain before your eyes and mine

and now you've joined me in their pain
that ever-falling cold black rain
that drenches souls of hope-lost youth
and drains the boils of naked truth
into our eyes and minds and hearts

nevermore to give us leave
to fantasize, to braid and weave
those lovely lies to which one clings
—with happy sweet imaginings
of how life is and ought to be
for those of us
who think ourselves
still free.

by Ronald L Conte Jr

© Copyright 1995 by Ronald L Conte Jr

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