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Stories About Life 4

This is actually not my story, but my sister's story. She became pregnant when she was 17 years old. My mother said that she would support whatever choice she did. Her friends and other people said that she should get an abortion and not let a kid destroy her youth.

Poor girl, she was under a lot of pressure from her peers. I have moved out at this time and heard about this later. She had been to her doc and signed all the necessary papers for the abortion procedure. She was in week 11 and the procedure had to be done within days.

Her friends had planned a party when she had recovered from the abortion. My sister later said she had serious doubts about going thruu this abortion. She knew it was no way back after the operation. She knew that our mother would stand by her side during the pregnancy and help with the baby.

The day she was supposed to have to abortion done she went up to the clinic and requested her papers back. In front of everybody she tore up the papers and went out of that clinic with her head raised. A burden was lifted from her shoulders and she was glowing during the rest of the pregnancy.

This is now 20 years ago. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter and her daughter is now herself a mother to a one-year old baby girl.

Myself I have lost two babies thruu miscarriages and not been able to be pregnant since. But I love to see my niece and grand niece live in this world and make our lives richer.

-- story submitted anonymously

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