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ProLife Story 2

If I can prevent one woman from having an abortion from my story, then so be it.

I came from a basically unhappy, unsupportive family, and was also treated badly by the kids at school, so I was very lonely for affection. I met a man from work who was divorced once, and he took drugs. In spite of this he appeared clean cut and handsome, and I was very attracted to him. We had sex soon after we met and I became pregnant.

Right after I told him I was pregnant, he wanted nothing more to do with me, but first he told me to get rid of "It." I thought about my options, and since my home was a hostile environment where I feared for my emotional wellbeing, and occasionally my physical safety, I decided to not deal with the reality that I carried a baby, and decided to have an abortion. I wavered in my decision at the clinic, and the nurse suggested that I go home. But I went through with it. I felt sorry and relieved at the same time.

It was only many years later, when I began to develop faith in God, that I realized the selfish and callous path that I had been on. None of the men I ever had sex with cared about me at all, either. I was stupid, and lost, and only survived my twenties by the grace of God. I only wanted to be loved and held, and I ended up extinguishing a life. I have wept about it, and asked God to forgive me. I sense in my heart that he has, and I treasure his mercy.

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