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ProLife Story 9

I am a seventeen year old girl who really has no choices.

I was so excited when I found out and so was fiancee until a few days later. He told me he didn't want it, he knew abortion was NOT a option. I live with him and have no family to go to. I'm all alone. I don't think I can do it alone. All I want is for to be excited and not make me do this. I'm afraid after it's done will break up and I won't have him or the baby I want more than anything. All I think is he doesn't really love me or he wouldn't make me do this. I'm so afraid. I have no support, he makes everything on me ten times worse. He talks about it like it's nothing. To me it's murder. I feel so dirty and ashamed for going to go through with this. The pictures I've seen make me sick! I'm so young, yes but I've been on my own since I was fifteen. I'm more of adult than half the girls my age. I never want to have to go through this ever again. No one knows how bad it feels when the man who says he want to marry you makes you get rid of the baby you made together.

I just want this baby to know I'm sorry and I'll see you heaven.

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