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Apocalypse Survival Guide for Christians
by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
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This book on the Apocalypse is not primarily a book of theology, but a book of practical considerations related to the end times, to the time of suffering for the Church and the world called the tribulation. The author discusses practical considerations that might be useful in order to live with a greater degree of safety and a better quality of life during the Apocalypse. The purpose of this book is to assist the reader in preparing for, enduring, and perhaps even surviving, the most difficult time period so far in human history, while still being an active part of society.

The question as to when and how the Apocalypse unfolds is controversial among Christians. But one point should be beyond dispute. The Apocalypse will be very severe, and will affect everyone on earth. Therefore, even if you disagree as to when and how the tribulation will unfold, you might still want to read this book discussing ways to cope with this time of great trials for the whole world. May God give you His providence and grace during the difficult years ahead.

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Chapter List:
    1. General Considerations
      "Is the Apocalypse survivable? First, the good news. On any particular day, the Apocalypse is survivable. It is not the end of the world; the whole world will not be destroyed. The tribulation is divided into first and second parts; the tribulation for this generation is only the first part. The first part is followed by a time of peace and rebuilding. Now, the bad news. In my interpretation, over the course of about 29 years, the first part of the tribulation reduces the world population by two thirds. So one third of humanity survives, and the rest do not."
    2. Events of the Apocalypse
      "... the two major wars that occur during the first part of the tribulation are between the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa, united together under extremists, and the West, specifically Europe and the U.S. and a few other free nations. In the first of these two wars, World War 3, the extremists succeed in conquering Europe. And in the second of these two wars, World War 4, the U.S. and Allies succeed in freeing the occupied territory and in defeating the extremists even in their own lands."
    3. Food
      This chapter considers ways to deal with the food shortages, rationing, and famines that occur during the events of the Apocalypse for this generation.
    4. Water
      Water purification will be important during the severe events of the Apocalypse. Many sources of water will become undrinkable.

      "And the third Angel sounded the trumpet. And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch. And it fell upon a third part of the rivers and upon the sources of water. And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And a third part of the waters were turned into wormwood. And many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter." (Rev 8:10-11).
    5. Land and Shelter
      This chapter answers questions about land and shelter: Where is the best place to live during the Apocalypse: city, suburbs, or rural? Which nations will be less severely affected by the tribulation? What are some steps that residents can take to make their homes more secure? What are some of the dangers that apartment dwellers and home owners will face?
    6. Communication and Electronics
      This chapter considers the effect of the events of the Apocalypse on the infrastructure of modern society, especially the electrical power grid, other sources of electricity, landline and cell phones, the internet, etc.
    7. Heat, Utilities, Transportation
      This chapter considers problems that will affect heat, utilities, and transportation during the Apocalypse, and ways that people might cope with the disruption and loss of services.
    8. Money and Valuables
      The Apocalypse will result in the eventual total collapse of the modern economic system. By the end of the first part of the tribulation, money will be literally worthless. But the eventual collapse of the economy is preceded by a long progression of economic problems, with some ups and downs, with some partial intermittent recoveries.

      This chapter discusses the possible effects of the Apocalypse on: businesses in general, on stocks, securities and the national debt, on pension plans and social safety net programs, bank failures, and possible useful investments in the midst of this economic decline and collapse.
    9. Defense of Self and Others
      This chapter discusses ways that you might defend yourself and your family during the severe events of the Apocalypse, and the types of dangers that you might face. There is a long section on firearms and ammunition, as well as a section on less lethal self-defense options. The right to use violence in self-defense is discussed from a Christian perspective.
    10. Family, Friends, Neighbors
      This book does not advocate a survivalist mentality, whereby you take refuge in a fortified remote location and wait out the danger. Instead, the book discusses ways to work with other persons, with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, as an active part of society, while still accomplishing your goals of security and a good quality of life.

      "In my view, yes, you will in all likelihood need to rely on other persons in order to deal with and survive the afflictions of the Apocalypse. However, the severities of this time period are so great that many persons who before seemed entirely calm, reasonable, and reliable, will be so struck with fear that they will at times change their behavior. Desperate people do desperate things. So be careful whom you trust."
    11. First Aid and Medicine
      This chapter includes a list of items in a well-stocked first aid kit, and the usefulness of each item, some good books on first aid and medicine, and the necessity to take a course in first aid and CPR. Also included is a long section on radiation medical emergencies.
    12. Body and Soul
      "The goal of this book is to help you prepare for, endure, and possibly even survive, the first part of the tribulation. But it would be very foolish if you were to focus only on the health and survival of the body, without concern for the soul."

      So this chapter offers some spiritual considerations, so you can respond to the difficulties of the Apocalypse in a way that will ultimately make you a better person.

Apocalypse Survival Guide for Christians is currently available at and
Also available as a Kindle eBook at

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