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Revised Chronology of Roman History  
(based on a book by Ronald L. Conte, Jr.)

The following chart summarizes the revised dates for events in Roman History presented by this book. The second column is the generally-accepted or usual date given for the event. In cases where the year is a matter of much dispute among scholars, such as the year of Herod the Great's death, a range of dates is given. See chapters 12, 13, and 14 for details on these dates and events.

Revised Date    Usual Date    Significant Event in Roman History
49 B.C. 44 B.C. Julius Caesar dies (March 15)
43 B.C. 37 B.C. Herod the Great captures Jerusalem (Sept. | Oct.)
35 B.C. 31 B.C. Marc Anthony defeated by Octavian in the battle at Actium (Sept.)
34 B.C. 30 B.C. Marc Anthony and Cleopatra die (August)
16 B.C. 12 B.C. Consulship of P. S. Quirinius
8 B.C. 4 - 1 B.C. Herod the Great dies (winter, Jan./Feb.)
1 B.C. 4 B.C. Caesar Augustus adopts Tiberius, making him heir (June 26)
A.D. 1 A.D. 15 Year One of Tiberius Caesar's reign
A.D. 1 A.D. 15 First year of Valerius Gratus' rule over Judea
A.D. 2 A.D. 6 Second census under Quirinius
A.D. 10 A.D. 14 Caesar Augustus (Octavian) dies (August 19)
A.D. 11 A.D. 25 Eleventh and last year of Valerius Gratus' rule over Judea
A.D. 12 A.D. 26 First year of Pontius Pilate's rule over Judea
A.D. 15 A.D. 19 Germanicus, a Roman general, dies during the 5th year after Augustus died
A.D. 22 A.D. 37 Tiberius Caesar dies (March), succeeded by Gaius (Caligula)
A.D. 22 A.D. 37 Pontius Pilate returns to Rome, arriving after Tiberius died
A.D. 26 A.D. 41 Gaius (Caligula) dies (Jan.), succeeded by Claudius
A.D. 39 A.D. 54 Claudius dies (Oct.), succeeded by Nero
A.D. 50 A.D. 65 The poet Seneca dies; Nero's 11th year
A.D. 53 A.D. 68 Nero dies (June), succeeded by Galba
A.D. 54 A.D. 69 Galba dies (Jan.), succeeded by Otho
A.D. 54 A.D. 69 Otho dies (April), succeeded by Vitellius
A.D. 54 A.D. 69 Vitellius dies (Dec.), succeeded by Vespasian (antedated to July)
A.D. 66 A.D. 79 Vespasian dies (June), succeeded by Titus
A.D. 66 A.D. 79 Mount Vesuvius erupts (August), destroying Pompeii and killing Pliny the Elder
A.D. 68 A.D. 81 Titus dies (Sept.), succeeded by Domitian
A.D. 83 A.D. 96 Domitian dies (Sept.), succeeded by Nerva
A.D. 85 A.D. 98 Nerva dies (Jan.), succeeded by Trajan

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Copyright 2007 by Ronald L. Conte, Jr.

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