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Jane Chifley

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From the album Heartbeats: 
More of You   (1.4 MB)  
I Surrender   (1.9 MB)  
This Little Soul   (1.8 MB)  

One of her newest tracks: 
Oh, Sacred   (2.2 MB)  

From the album Traditional Catholic Hymns
by Lifeboat 14: 
The Lord's My Shepherd   (1.2 MB)  

Jane was born in Bathurst, Australia, from an Irish background whose ancestors came over several generations ago. She has performed at concerts, rallies, youth worship, Aboriginal reconciliation and inter-church gatherings/rallies. She has a heart to see contemporary music used in Evangelization and in healing an unity between churches, races and nations. Her music often reflects this, such as in "The Sorry Song" an Aboriginal reconciliation song which was released in Australia.

Heartbeats CD is a reflection on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It reflects on how God loves us with mercy through His Sacred Heart and through the graces that come from the Immaculate Heart of Mary. One song in particular, "More of You," reflects on our constant need for the mercy of God to overcome our weaknesses.

The song, "This little soul," is a reflection on St. Therese. It was judged a semi-finalist in the 2001 MusicOz National Songwriting Competition in Woollongong (inspirational/religious songs section).

The song, "Oh, Sacred" is a reflection on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Lifeboat 14 is a small outfit that is currently in the process of recording some Traditional Catholic music. The album is an acoustic/harmonica meditative version of various traditional Catholic hymns. The performers themselves in Lifeboat 14 will vary with different projects. Lifeboat 14 is named after the only lifeboat which returned to rescue survivors from the ocean liner Titanic.

Jane's music and the music of Lifeboat 14 can be heard and purchased at

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