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Karl Kohlhase

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My name is Karl Kohlhase. I'm fairly new to Catholic music. In fact, I'm new to the Catholic Church. When I decided to convert to Catholicism in 2000, I was faced with a dilemma. What is my role in this Church? How can I bear the most fruit for our Lord in this place? I did not want to become a pew warmer, for I had left a long history of fruitful ministry in various Protestant denominations in order to become a Catholic. I had written choral and instrumental works as a Lutheran. I had led music in Assembly of God and charismatic churches. I had conducted choirs and written hymns as a Baptist. I had written worship choruses and directed youth and music ministries in an Evangelical Free church. I even used to play in a Christian rock band. I was not about to be silent as a Catholic.

My original plan was to go from church to church (Catholic and Protestant) with a concert of inspirational music. I talked to a few local priests who were supportive of me personally, but didn't quite see the potential of the music ministry I was envisioning. So I decided to record a CD instead. I was blessed with a supportive family who gave especially generous Christmas and Birthday gifts so that I could raise enough money to go into a small local recording studio.

I decided to write music that was contemporary but not rocky, striking a fine balance so that people of all ages could relate with it. The instrumentation was kept as straight forward as possible, the only non-acoustic instrument being the electric bass. Acoustic guitar, bass, cello, viola, light percussion and simple vocal harmonies were the pallet I chose to work with. The result is something like John Michael Talbot meeting James Taylor. Or maybe Michael Card meeting Jim Croce.

I wrote songs that addressed topics I felt were near to the heart of God. The CD begins and ends with the gospel of His dear Son, Jesus, who died and rose again, who alone is our salvation, life and peace. Really, it's all about Jesus. I want my music, my life and my work to point people to Christ. Period. I want to be an instrument in His hands, with strings that resonate in tune with the mind and heart of God.

There are songs for those who are struggling with their faith. There's an ecumenical call to Christian unity. There are pro-life songs that speak against child abuse, against abortion, and that advocate adoption and nurturing love. There are songs that speak of social justice, peace and forgiveness. Songs that call us to prayer and deeper devotion to Christ.

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