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God Creates All Life

Stories About Life 6

I was surfing the website when I came across this site. I believe that it is a sign of God for me to tell my story to others who are going through the decision of whether to keep or to abort her baby. I was 17 when I first found out I was pregnant. Not knowing what to do and how to do, I came across a number from the family life society on pregnancy crisis hotline. As I had conference call at that time, I asked my best friend to call the number while I listened on the other line quietly. She helped me to make an appointment and we went down.

The father of my baby wanted an abortion as he felt that we were too young to commit and we would not be able to raise the baby. My best friend also asked me to abort the baby. In my heart, I thought that was the right thing to do.

The counsellor who spoke with us told us a lot of things and we were shown the process of abortion. However, though I did not want to abort, I was still thinking that it is the right thing to do...

It was only when a doctor came in and did an ultrasound scan on me that I made up my mind not to abort the baby. The doc took many photos of my baby even with one on his head. I was so amazed that I decided not to abort. Fortunately, after the meeting, my best friend also told me not to abort due to health reasons thought not my boyfriend.

It was arranged for the counsellor to meet my parents. After which a wedding is to be held. Though I was still pressured by my husband's family and had no support from my husband, I wanted the baby. I am glad that I had fought for my baby and named my son Emanuel (God is with us). Now he is a good looking 2 years old and I always remind myself that he was nearly never in my life. Praise be to God.

-- story submitted anonymously

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