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God Creates All Life

Stories About Life 7

I'm 14 years old and I have never had an abortion, or been pregnant for that matter, but abortion is something that I have a very strong opinion about. I am in the eighth grade and have been working on a paper about abortion for a school project. Before doing this paper, I never really thought much about what exactly abortion is- killing your child. I found so many pictures of babies after abortion, and it shocked me so much that anyone could do that to their child. I found information about exactly how an abortion is performed, and the one procedure that shocked me the most was where a salt-like substance was inserted and it burned the baby to where, after awhile, it just died and then was sucked out by a hose.

I mean i understand that if your young and pregnant then you are definetly going to be scared about having a child, but just think-- there are so many people out there who would LOVE to have a child but are not able to. So please, please, please consider adoption and not murder. One of my best friends is 15 years old and has just had her second child. She had made the decision right away to keep her first one but when she found out she was pregnant with her second, she first thought of abortion. But after seeing pictures of what actually happens to the babies, she was dead set against it and has just given birth to a beatiful little girl. When your child is conceived, right then it is a human being. No matter how many weeks you are along, your baby is human. If it has a heartbeat, it is a living creature and should not be taken from the earth because you do not feel ready to have a baby...give it up for adoption. So please, if you are thinking about abortion, find out first hand what happens to the baby and to you.

I thank you very much for taking time to listen to what I have to say . . . .

-- story published anonymously

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