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God Creates All Life

Stories About Life 8

I was just over 19, and had been seeing a guy for almost a year when I got pregnant. I knew, long before I had missed my period, I just felt it. It certainly hadn't been our first time, but I knew. I eventually told my then-boyfriend when I was late, and we bought a test.

Initially, he appeared supportive, but when the test showed positive, and then confimrmed by a test at our local pregnancy center, he changed.

He pressured for a long time for me to have an abortion. He tried to convince of how my (catholic btw) family would treat me if they knew I was pregnant, about how it wasn't fair to him because his mother was sick and he hadn't been able to go to college yet, etc. It was an emotionally harrowing time, but not because of the baby, because of the pressure my ex put on me, how he tried to degrade me and feel less imoportant or good because I'd gotten pregnant. Desperate, I even made an appointment at planned parenthood, even though I cried whenever I was alone at the prospect. I knew I couldn't do it, not for him, not for was selfish and wrong. I called and cancelled the appointment when I was alone, though I didn't yet get up the courage to tell the biological father.

Later in august, only 23 days after buying the pregnancy test, but it seemed so much longer, we went back to the pregnancy center for my free ultrasound. it was the most amazing thing, to hear the heart beat and watch the baby wiggle and kick. it had such tiny arms and legs, but was constantly moving. I couldn't take my eyes from the screen, even though it looked a little like a cross between a teddy bear and an alien at only 8 to 10 weeks, that was my baby. The father barely glanced at the computer, but just held my hand and clenched his teeth.

when we left, they gave us pictures in a little pink card that said "our baby's first photo" When we got in the car, I told my ex I wasn't having an abortion and that I had cancelled the appointment. He looked at me with venom and said "I figured" with anger in his voice.

Well, eventually I told my parents and friends, and of course the world did not end, my parents were upset, but supportive. i began to see a counselor at catholic charities through out my pregnancy, which really helped. The biological father is long gone, but I and my baby have plenty of support.

My pregnancy continued, and as the baby grew, he remained as wiggly as he'd been in the ultrasound, kicking me thorugh all hours of the day and night. Now he is 9 months, and still just as active. he never sits still, even in his sleep. I jokingly attributed it to all the soda I had before I knew I was pregnant, but really he is just a happy, healthy, life-filled energetic boy

-- submitted anonymously

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