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The Secrets of Medjugorje and Garabandal
by Ronald L. Conte Jr.

Quote from the cover: 
"Take care not to be disturbed.
For these things must be,
but the end is not so soon."
(Mt. 24:6).

At Garabandal, and again at Medjugorje, the Virgin Mary appeared to a group of children and gave them secrets about the near future. At Garabandal, these are called the Warning, the Miracle, and the Chastisement. At Medjugorje, they are called the ten secrets. This book proposes that the dates and events of these 13 secrets can be known from a study of the Bible, of Catholic eschatology, and of the words of the Virgin Mary in various apparitions.

Please understand that my writings about the future are speculative eschatology, based on study and interpretation, not based on knowledge that is absolute or certain.

Important Information: This fifth edition was published in February of 2015. The book is available in Kindle format, and in print format from and .
List of Chapters
    I. The Secrets of Garabandal
    1. The Warning of Garabandal
    2. The Miracle of Garabandal
    3. The Chastisement of Garabandal

    II. The Secrets of Medjugorje
    1. The First Secret of Medjugorje
    2. The Second Secret of Medjugorje
    3. The Third Secret of Medjugorje
    4. The Fourth Secret of Medjugorje
    5. The Fifth Secret of Medjugorje
    6. The Sixth Secret of Medjugorje
    7. The Seventh Secret of Medjugorje
    8. The Eighth Secret of Medjugorje
    9. The Ninth Secret of Medjugorje
    10. The Tenth Secret of Medjugorje

    III. General Articles about the Secrets
    1. A Concise List of the Dates and Events of the Secrets
    2. Mistaken Ideas about the Secrets
    3. Reply to Objections about the Secrets Articles
    4. How the Secrets are related to one another
    5. The Secrets and the News Media
    6. Is This the Correct Understanding of the secrets?
    7. On Speculative Theology and Eschatology

    IV. The Secrets of La Salette and Fatima
    1. The Secrets of La Salette
    2. The Third Secret of Fatima
    3. Commentary on the Third Secret of Fatima

    V. Overview of the Future
    This chapter lists the predicted events in order with their respective dates. It is a concise overview of future events from the present time until the return of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in 2437 A.D.

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