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The First Part of the Tribulation
fourth edition (December 2013)

by Ronald L. Conte Jr.

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The tribulation is a time of great suffering for the Church and the world predicted by the Bible, especially by the last book of the New Testament, called the Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse of John. The tribulation (the Apocalypse) is divided into two parts. The first part is for this generation, and the second part is for the distant future.

This work entitled, The First Part of the Tribulation, is the first of two volumes; it focuses on events of the tribulation from the mid-2010's to 2040 A.D. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are a set of events occurring in the 2010's: (1) World War 3, (2) severe civil disorder, (3) famine, and (4) death from a variety of causes. The 2020's see some respite from the sufferings, as well as the unification of all Christians in one Church. But that decade also includes an increasingly severe persecution of Christians in the occupied territories. The 2030's include World War 4 (which is the war of the great Catholic monarch), followed by a series of very severe afflictions. The entire period of the first part of the tribulation ends with an event called the Three Days of Darkness.

Also included in this book is a chapter on the brief time of peace and rebuilding that takes place after the first part of the tribulation, a chapter on the inter-tribulation period, which is the time between the first and second parts of the tribulation, and an overview of the entire tribulation.

The back cover depicts the events of the Seven Seals: World War 3, Severe Civil Unrest, Famine, Death, the Christian Holocaust, World War 4, and then a Very Severe Set of Afflictions ending with the Three Days of Darkness. After the Three Days of Darkness, there will be a brief time of Peace, Holiness, and Rebuilding.

Chapter List

1. Overview of the End Times - This chapter gives a general overview of events throughout both parts of the tribulation (the Apocalypse).

2. The Future and the Popes - predicts numerous details about the next several Popes, as well as one prominent antipope; includes a discussion of St. Malachy's list of future popes and my additions to that list.

3. A Brief Schism in the Church - the great apostasy results in a great schism; a false Church will compete with the true holy Catholic Church for a brief time.

4. The Nuclear Attacks on New York, Rome and Vatican City - terrible events that occur during World War 3.

5. The Great Monarch and the Angelic Shepherd in Private Revelation - Catholic eschatology and private revelation in the Church has for many centuries been predicting the arrival of a figure called the great Catholic monarch, and of a holy Pope called the Angelic Shepherd.

6. The Great Monarch and the Angelic Shepherd in Sacred Scripture - Verses in the Bible that refer to the great Catholic monarch or the Angelic Shepherd.

7. From the War to the Darkness - discuss the period of time from World War 4, an all-out nuclear war, through numerous subsequent afflictions, up to the Three Days of Darkness.

8. The Three Days of Darkness in Sacred Scripture - This event is described in a number of different passages of Sacred Scripture; it is the sixth trumpet of the Seventh Seal. This event kills about one third of the human race worldwide.

9. The Three Days of Darkness in Private Revelation - True private revelations are quoted and interpreted; the errors of various false private revelations are exposed and refuted, on the subject of the Three Days of Darkness

10. A Brief Time of Peace, Holiness, and Rebuilding - The first part of the Tribulationis followed by a period of about 25 years of peacefulness, holiness, and rebuilding.

11. The Inter-tribulation Period - This chapter gives a broad overview of the period of time between the end of the first part of the tribulation, and the start of the second part of the tribulation hundreds of years later.

12. Notes about my Predictions - In this chapter, I reply to various common objections to my work in eschatology.

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