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God Creates All Life

Stories About Life 15

I was the one who was going to be aborted by my biological mother, she tried everything from riding horses, to take drugs to whatever she could but God kept me strong and in her womb. After i was born she abandoned me . After a month my aunt (henceforth known as my Mom) took me away and with the pressure of my biological father my biological mother gave up her rights and i have been with my adoptive parents since i was a month old and i am now 53.

No life should be wasted. We should thank God that we as women are able to give forth the life that God has allowed to be formed in us. Not everyone is so Blessed. So if you don't want you child or can't keep it for whatever the reason give it to someone who would do what was asked of her just to have a child.

God Bless

-- submitted anonymously

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