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God Creates All Life

ProLife Stories: abortion

True stories from women who have had an abortion and now regret it

47. in my naivete, it never dawned on me that I was committing murder!

46. i didnt want to go through the emotiomnal pain anymore

45. In April of 1972, when I was twenty-three years old, I met a lovely young woman.

44. I would have been a good mother. Everytime I see a baby or a pregnant girl it kills me inside.

43. After she got an abortion she went through depression and mood swings like you would not believe.

42. ...if some really loves you then they will stick by your decision to have a child no matter what.

41. it is much more shameful to give up life than to admit you got yourself into a situation

40. It was a very hard decision for me to make, and at the time I thought it was the right one.

39. I aborted my son the summer of 2004. It is a day I will never forget.

38. I became pregnant from someone I thought I knew very well.

37. I know if I would have stood with her she would not have had a abortion.

36. I made four apointments to terminate my pregnancy, but managed to miss every one of them.

35. And if I could turn back time I would change everything

34. I thought what if I fell pregnant what would I do?

33. I will never forget how hard it was to tell my parents.

32. my husband wants me to abort it. But i just cant get myself to do it.

31. My husband and I just found out today, Easter, that his brother and girlfriend who have 2 beautiful children, chose abortion a couple months ago.

30. I keep wondering how many times can I tell my unborn child that I am sorry... how long will it take to forgive myself.

29. my parents wanted me to have an abortion because they didn't want anyone to find out want happened.

28. I wish I would have done things alot different than I did. Its one mistake you can't go back and fix.

27. After the abortion I felt momentary relief and everyday now I feel nothing but pain.

26. A moment of relief will turn out to be a life time of guilt and regret.

25. The boy i thought i loved and would be with forever had different intentions.

24. ...and what heals me now is that he/she is with God in heaven.

23. How to write this and let others who haven't chosen to go through this know how truly spiritually devastating it is.

22. He forgave us and told us that God always forgives us our sins, if we are truly repentant.

21. I always wonder what could have been, and what my life would be like now.

20. My friend said...a baby is a blessing....a gift from god.

19. I've recently anonymously asked for some direction in reconciling myself with the Church. I received kind and compassionate and encouraging responses.

18. I never judge anyone who has had an abortion, because I know, I really know what they are feeling.

17. I had an ultrasound and witnessed the beating heart.

16. please...don't let your unborn child be just a memory.

15. I thought I was helping myself but all I did was cause my heart pain.

14. I can only pray that my little girl is with Jesus and can forgive me.

13. Yes, I got an abortion and it was terrifying to me.


11. When I finally unlocked the door of my heart again, God was able to flood my soul with His peace and love, mercy and grace.....

10. I cannot tell you what led me to abortion. Whatever happened before that moment is pointless....

9. I never want to have to go through this ever again. No one knows how bad it feels when the man who says he want to marry you makes you get rid of the baby you made together....

8. For many years I lived with the guilty feelings and wanted to get pregnant just to replace what I had already killed inside me....

7. Love yourself - take care of yourself and most importantly take care of the unborn....

6. In all honesty I think I only spoke with people who would encourage me to do it because I thought I wasn't strong enough to bring a baby into my current situation....

5. After years of hating myself, carrying this pain that would not go away, the beginning of my time of true healing began....

4. Actually only last year did I realised the extent of my sins of abortion. This I want to share with you....

3. Now I have no living family when I could have had a child....

2. I came from a basically unhappy, unsupportive family....

1. Five years ago, I was 19 and working as a line cook when I became pregnant....

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