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God Creates All Life

ProLife Story 35

After I got married to my husband we started to plan to have a baby, on Sept. 13 2001, I found out that I was excepting my first baby. We where very happy about this, it would be my first child and my husband's third, due to he has two sons from a previous relationship. On December 5, 2001, I had gone for my checkup like other times to see the doctor, and find out how everything was going on. My doctor couldn't find a heart beat at all, it was due to that I had misscarried my baby, it broke my heart and every time I think about it I cry. It was a hard time for me, I thought I wouldn't take the chances again, but on Feb 2002 I found out that I was expecting again. It was hard times, but on Sept 15, 2002 I gave birth to a beautifully baby girl.

After having my daughter, I wasn't planning to get pregnant any time soon, but it happen six months after I had my daughter. My husband had lost his job and it was already hard having three kids, plus I wasn't working either and another baby would be harder for us. I was 15 weeks into my pergnancies and I wasn't ready to bring another life into this world. I though about it alot, it hurt me for making the decision that I made, but I had to do it. I remember my husband being supportive of my decision, he knew it was for the best at this time. I wasn't able to sleep the day before the abortion, I remember going into the bathroom and crying and telling this unborn child that I'm sorry, but it wasn't the right time and that things are hard. I asked God forgives, it was something that I didn't believe. The morning I kissed my daughter good bye and left for the clinic, I was scared, that day has always been on my mind. And if I could turn back time I would change everything from the pain that I felt that day to hearing that inner vioce saying you are doing the right thing.

-- submitted anonymously

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