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God Creates All Life

ProLife Story 33

I was fourteen when I became pregnant the first time. I will never forget how hard it was to tell my parents. I chose life. (Thank God Chloe is now a beautiful young woman.)

When I was 17 , in treatment for drug addiction I was raped. Everyone around me told me the only way to gt my life on track was to have an abortion. I chose then to allow someone to murder my child. I think of my son every year on the anniversary of his death and on the day that would have been his birthday.

As a nurse in the operating room I shudder to think that I allowed someone to preform a suction D&C on my 10 week old baby. I remember asking to see the baby. I understand now why they would not. It makes me angry that no one told me that my child felt pain or that it even was more than a blob of tissue. I have seen little unfinished masterpieces that have died in utero ( I work at a catholic Hospital) perfectly formed just not finished. I am now married and the mother of four living children!

successful and forgiven.

-- submitted anonymously

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