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God Creates All Life

ProLife Story 28

I was 14 when I got pregnant.I wanted to keep it but my family didn't want me having a baby at such a young age when I had my future and career to look forward to.I did it for all the wrong reasons and though I was young and I couldn't support it I shouldn't have done it.I should have given it up for adoption.I wanted my baby to have a life. A loving family ... clothes,toys, go to a good school, be able to attend college but my family had a "Reputation" to worry about. I cried ... I felt worthless,I felt like I had turned into nothing one. Nothing seemed to be fun to me like before.Hanging with friends,going to the movies .. just doing the typical stuff that teens do just didn't ammuse me like it had.I cried for a year ... I was depressed and felt lonely. I still do but I try not to think about it as much.

Having a baby is a gift not a burden. I wish I would have done things alot different than I did. Its one mistake you can't go back and fix. Its the kind of mistake that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

-- submitted anonymously

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