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God Creates All Life

ProLife Story 46

I am 19 years old and i have an abortion when i was 16 and it hurted so bad emotionally i was so hurt i couldnt believe what i had done you see he was a lot older than me, i was scared of what my mom would think, what would happen to him and etc. I promised i would never do it again. I got pregnant again by a different dude and he didnt want me to have it but i did becuase of what i had promised myself plus i didnt want to go through the emotiomnal pain anymore

now i am pregnant again and im deciding rather i want to have it or not by me being in school, daddy dont want it, i still stay with my mom, i currently dont have a job right now i constantly keep asking myself what should i do? but i have come up with no answer. I dont know if i would be able to suppot two kids financially or mentally im scared, confused, and upset so what do a person do in this situation? have an abortion or not its harde decision for people going through it then people who have never experienced it before or even put in the situation but im going to keep it i think i can do it.

-- submitted anonymously

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