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God Creates All Life

ProLife Story 47

In 1975 I was nineteen (19) and was totally in love with the first man I had ever been with. Out of shear ignorance I never thought that I would get pregnant so quickly, but I did. I learned I was pregnant on Friday and when I told my boyfriend, he said "You can't have my baby" (in other words I was not good enough to have his child) "you have to have an abortion".

On the following Tuesday I had the abortion. I never had a chance to think about it - in my naivete, it never dawned on me that I was committing murder! Although I did confess, and I believe I was forgiven, I spend ten years in exile (self inflicted). When my daughter was born, I realized how sacred sex was and the joy of giving birth to a new life was overwhelming! I will do anything to support the end of abortion - If women want the right to choose, then they should choose birth control so that they are never given the choice to commit murder!

-- submitted anonymously

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