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God Creates All Life

ProLife Story 34

Abortion -- I thought what if I fell pregnant what would I do? Have an abortion of course, I would never want my parents to find out, let alone people at school, or friends.

But just a few weeks ago I found out that a really close friend of mine has had an abortion already, she was 15 at the time. Now two years later she has just fallen pregnant again! She told her boyfriend who is 29 years old and he was all for keeping the baby, as was her father. She doesn t want a baby at the moment, but she is ALWAYS talking about them, she loves them, but is not mature enough to have one yet, so she thinks. Yes she is young but maybe a baby wouldn t be that bad a thing, I mean babies are gorgeous and give you something special to love.

I have been looking up information about abortions ALL night and just realised how emotional people can get, and how much it hurts, even thought it is only a 10min operation. Now from reading all this and seeing pictures I am 100% horrified about the actual things that go on and what people can do. I don t think hat people realise what really happens they just think "Oh no what do I do? It has to be taken care of by a surgeon!" Not in those exact words, but along the same lines.

I just hope that she is ok after today since she went in for her operation today, I love her as a friend so much and would never want anything bad to happen to her! I now would never have an abortion, but I also could never give my baby up for adoption if I had one. I would go through with the pregnancy, stay at school, have the baby, and let one of my family members look after my baby while I was at school, and when I come home I would look after my baby. I would pay my family member for doing this, and then when I had finished school I would look after my baby like a real true mother. See for your self at what really happens and make your own decision.

Regards, 17 Year Old Girl

-- submitted anonymously

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